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Paper: Self-Consistent Physical Parameters for 5 Intermediate-Age SMC Stellar Clusters from CMD Modeling
Volume: 491, Fifty Years of Wide Field Studies in the Southern Hemisphere: Resolved Stellar Populations in the Galactic Bulge and the Magellanic Clouds
Page: 338
Authors: Dias, B.; Kerber, L.; Barbuy, B.; Santiago, B.; Ortolani, S.; Balbinot, E.
Abstract: Stellar clusters in the Small Magellanic Cloud are fundamental pieces to study the chemical and dynamical evolution of this neighboring dwarf galaxy, enabling the inspection of a large period of time covering ∼10 Gyr. We derive ages and metallicities of the stellar clusters AM 3, HW 1, HW 34, HW 40, Lindsay 2, and Lindsay 3, where HW 1, HW 34, and Lindsay 2 are studied for the first time. We apply a self-consistent isochrone fitting scheme that uses likelihood statistics to identify the synthetic color-magnitude diagrams (CMDs) that best reproduce the observed ones. The results confirm that these clusters (except HW 34, identified as a field fluctuation) are intermediate-age clusters, with ages between ∼1 and ∼5 Gyr. Furthermore, Lindsay 2 was identified as metal-poor cluster ([Fe/H] ∼ –1.4 dex).1
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