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Paper: Variable Stars Toward the Magellanic Clouds and the Galactic Bulge
Volume: 491, Fifty Years of Wide Field Studies in the Southern Hemisphere: Resolved Stellar Populations in the Galactic Bulge and the Magellanic Clouds
Page: 278
Authors: Udalski, A.
Abstract: The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment (OGLE) is one of the largest sky surveys observing the southern sky continuously since 1992. Currently in its fourth phase, and about a billion stars have been regularly monitored in the densest stellar regions of the Magellanic Clouds, Galactic bulge and Galactic disk. Collection of OGLE variables discovered during the OGLE project in these fields is presented. This is the largest set of cataloged variable stars of different types, containing presently more than 400 000 objects.
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