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Paper: Modeling the Distribution Function of Magnetic Fields in Massive Stars
Volume: 494, Physics and Evolution of Magnetic and Related Stars
Page: 280
Authors: Medvedev, A.; Kholtygin, A.
Abstract: A model of the evolution of an ensemble of magnetic massive stars in the Galaxy on the main sequence is developed. The population synthesis code allowing to obtain the distribution of stars by radii, ages, masses, temperatures, effective magnetic fields, and magnetic fluxes is created. The distribution of the magnetic flux on the ZAMS is assumed to be the lognormal. It is supposed that with the increasing star age, its magnetic flux exponentially decreases. The rate of decay is controlled by the dissipation parameter, which is the ratio of the magnetic dissipation time to the main sequence lifetime of a star. As a result of simulations, the distribution of stars by magnetic fields is obtained. The shape of the distribution is highly dependent on the dissipation parameter and the adopted value of the threshold magnetic field. It is shown that this distribution function is in agreement with that obtained from the analysis of the measured magnetic fields of the OBA stars.
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