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Paper: Rydberg States of Atoms and Molecules in the Atmospheres of Very Cool Stars with Magnetic Fields
Volume: 494, Physics and Evolution of Magnetic and Related Stars
Page: 261
Authors: Gnedin, Yu. N.; Piotrovich, M. Yu.; Klyucharev, A. N.
Abstract: We present the results of observations of ultra cool active stars, including new discoveries and determination of spectral types from the SDSS and 2MASS photometric colors. A number of cool dwarfs emit circularly polarized radio waves generated by the electron cyclotron maser instability. Strong infrared absorption is observed in these stars. Model atmosphere calculations indicate that the pure hydrogen composition may be ruled out. The fundamental dipole-dipole interaction between the cold Rydberg atoms is the dominant physical process in these stars. The Rydberg states exhibit unique phenomena, such as the spin polarization patterns and giant electric dipole moments induced by the magnetic field. As a result, highly excited atoms very sensitive to the electric and magnetic fields can be used for the spectroscopic detection and compensation for the effects of these fields.
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