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Paper: Observations of X-ray Flares on π1 UMa
Volume: 494, Physics and Evolution of Magnetic and Related Stars
Page: 203
Authors: Pandey, J. C.
Abstract: We investigate the properties of the quiescent and flaring states of the corona of an active solar-type star π1 UMa using the XMM-Newton observations. The present data show that the quiescent-state corona of π1 UMa consists of two components with the temperatures of 4.7 and 7.9 MK, and has an X-ray luminosity of 7.4×1028 erg s-1 in the 0.3–10.0 energy band. Two flares with X-ray luminosities of 1.2× 1029 and 1.1× 1029 erg s-1 were detected during the observations, where the temperature corresponding to the hot component increased to 11.3 and 9.6 MK respectively. The loop length was estimated on the order of 1010 cm for both flares. We have also derived other physical parameters of the flaring plasma using the loop scaling laws.
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