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Paper: Preliminary Study of the Moderately Cool Chemically Peculiar Star BS Circini
Volume: 494, Physics and Evolution of Magnetic and Related Stars
Page: 189
Authors: Mikulášek, Z.; Jan'ik, J.; Krtička, J.; Zejda, M.; Jagelka, M.
Abstract: BS Cir is a representative of moderately cool magnetic chemically peculiar stars, which shows very strong light variations in the Strömgren index c1, indicating large changes in the height of the Balmer jump. We present a two-spot model of the light variations, fitting successfully all the nine light curves obtained in the spectral region 335–750 nm. We also discuss the nature of the observed variations of the intensities of Fe, Cr, Ti, Si, Mg, and RE spectral lines and possible mechanisms matching the observed light variations. It was confirmed that the observed period of BS Cir 2ḍ204 is rising with a rate of Ṗ=5.4(4)× 10–9. The found minor secular changes in the shape of the light curve should be compatible with the period changes caused by precessional motion due to magnetic distortion of the star.
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