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Paper: Pre-Main-Sequence Stars and the Power of Asteroseismology
Volume: 494, Physics and Evolution of Magnetic and Related Stars
Page: 157
Authors: Zwintz, K.; Fossati, L.; Ryabchikova, T.
Abstract: The earliest phases in the lives of stars define their complete evolutionary path until their death. Therefore, understanding the physical processes that occur in these early stages is essential. Although we have a general concept of how stars are formed and evolve, our current knowledge of early stellar evolution is limited. Pre-main-sequence (PMS) stars can become vibrationally unstable during their evolution to the zero-age main sequence. As they gain their energy from gravitational contraction and have not started nuclear fusion in their cores yet, their inner structures are significantly different to those of the (post-) main sequence stars. Asteroseismology has been proven to be a successful tool to unravel details of the internal structure for different types of stars in various stages of evolution well after birth. We can now show that it has similar power for the pre-main-sequence objects.
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