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Paper: Enigma of the Star HD 34736
Volume: 494, Physics and Evolution of Magnetic and Related Stars
Page: 51
Authors: Semenko, E.; Romanyuk, I.; Kudryavtsev, D.; Yakunin, I.
Abstract: We present new results of research of a new strongly magnetic CP star HD 34736. From three nights of observations in March 2014, we measured the stellar longitudinal magnetic field and radial velocity. Both parameters show fast variations on a time scale of about 20 minutes. From these variations we constrain the range of possible rotation periods within 0.9–1.1 days. During this time, Bz changes from less than –4000 G to about 4500 G. A possible explanation of the Vr variability could be the presence of a close stellar companion or the existence of abundance spots on the stellar surface.
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