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Paper: (Very) Slow Rotation of Magnetic Ap Stars
Volume: 494, Physics and Evolution of Magnetic and Related Stars
Page: 3
Authors: Mathys, G.
Abstract: To this date, 33 magnetic Ap stars that have periods of variation longer than 30 days are known. They represent a considerable fraction of the total number of Ap stars whose period has been reliably determined. All the available evidence unambiguously indicates that the observed variations of those long-period Ap stars result from the changing aspect of their visible hemisphere as they rotate, thus that the oblique rotator model is applicable throughout the whole range of periods of variation of the Ap stars. We show that the periods of the most slowly rotating Ap stars must be of the order of 300 years, and that some may even be longer, possibly up to 1000 years. The 5 to 6 orders of magnitude spanned by the rotation periods of the Ap stars present a major challenge for the understanding of their origin and their evolution. To guide the theoretical developments, observational hints may be found in possible differences between the magnetic properties of stars that have rotation periods in different ranges. Such differences are starting to emerge from the existing data. To increase their significance level, study of the longest-period stars must be continued over their full rotation cycle. Failure to secure observations now may leave critical data missing for several decades, or even centuries.
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