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Paper: Non-linear Effects Associated with Solar Type III Radio Bursts
Volume: 484, Outstanding Problems in Heliophysics: From Coronal Heating to the Edge of the Heliosphere
Page: 210
Authors: Thejappa, G.; MacDowall, R. J.
Abstract: Some of the Langmuir wave packets and associated density cavities observed by the STEREO spacecraft in the source regions of solar type III radio bursts indicate that they probably correspond to collapsing envelope soliton-caviton pairs. We present the observations of one of such wave packets, whose spectrum contains harmonic peaks at fpe, 2fpe and 3fpe (fpe is the electron plasma frequency). We show that frequencies, wave numbers and phases of the waves corresponding to these spectral peaks satisfy the resonance conditions of three wave interactions: L1+L2T2fpe and L+T2fpeT3fpe, where L1, L2 and L correspond to Langmuir waves, and T2fpe and T3fpe correspond to second and third harmonic electromagnetic waves, respectively.
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