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Paper: Minima of the Centennial Gleissberg Cycle and the Heliospheric Boundary
Volume: 484, Outstanding Problems in Heliophysics: From Coronal Heating to the Edge of the Heliosphere
Page: 36
Authors: Feynman, J.; Ruzmaikin, A.
Abstract: The Centennial Gleissberg Cycle (CGC) is a 90-100 year variation observed on the Sun, in the solar wind, at Earth and throughout the Heliosphere. The CGC is expressed as a systematic variation of the amplitude of the 11-year sunspot cycle. The reality of the CGC was a matter of some debate, but the very weak solar wind that occurred during the recent transition from solar cycle 23 to 24 followed by a low cycle 24 maximum sunspot number, strongly supports the concept. In this paper we demonstrate the strong similarities among the CGC minima observed at the beginnings of the 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st century. These similarities support the notion that we are now experiencing a typical CGC minimum solar wind that is significantly different from the solar wind observed earlier in the space age. We suggest that the current CGC minimum may be implicated in producing some aspects of the unexpected observations at the heliosphere boundary reported at this conference.
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