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Paper: The Spiral Structure of AGN Host Galaxies
Volume: 480, Structure and Dynamics of Disk Galaxies
Page: 133
Authors: Kennefick, J.; Barrows, R. S.; Hughes, J. A.; Schilling, A.; Davis, B.; Shields, D.; Madey, A.; Kennefick, D.; Lacy, C.; Seigar, M.
Abstract: Recent work has uncovered a correlation between the black hole mass, M, in the centers of local spiral galaxies and the pitch angles, P, of their spiral arms. We propose to test this M–P correlation at moderate to high redshifts, using a sample of active galaxies selected from the Great Observatories Origins Survey and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey showing evidence for spiral structure in their host galaxies. The mass of the central black holes are estimated using the Hβ or Mg II lines in existing spectra using luminosity-radius scaling relations. Pitch angles are measured using an iterative 2D FFT algorithm. The aim is to establish this M–P relation beyond our local epoch, test for evolution in its form, and eventually to compute a BH mass function for late-type galaxies out to moderate redshifts.
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