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Paper: Mode Visibilities and Frequency Patterns in Rapidly Rotating Stars
Volume: 479, Progress in Physics of the Sun and Stars
Page: 545
Authors: Reese, D. R.; Lignières, F.; Ballot, J.; Prat, V.; Barban, C.; van 't Veer-Menneret, C.; MacGregor, K. B.
Abstract: One of the main obstacles in interpreting the pulsation spectra of rapidly rotating stars is mode identification. In order to address this issue, we generalise mode visibility calculations to rapidly rotating stars. These new calculations take into account gravity and limb darkening, as well as stellar deformation resulting from both the centrifugal force and the pulsation modes. Based on these new calculations, we produce synthetic pulsation spectra and study the frequency patterns present within. We then go on to discuss multi-colour photometry and its potential for mode identification.
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