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Paper: The Role of Primordial (possibly Massive) Stars in Reionization
Volume: 353, Stellar Evolution at Low Metallicity: Mass Loss, Explosions, Cosmology
Page: 315
Authors: Ciardi, B.
Abstract: In this paper we have discussed the theoretical modelling of the reionization process by primordial stellar sources through a combination of N-body simulations (to follow the evolution of dark matter and diffuse gas), a semi-analytic approach (to study the formation and evolution of galaxies and retrieve their properties) and the radiative transfer code CRASH (to follow the propagation of ionizing photons into the IGM).

We have then discussed the observability of the reionization process and its sources through the emission of 21 cm line from neutral hydrogen in the IGM and the secondary anisotropies produced by reionization on the CMB temperature power spectrum.
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