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Paper: Constraint on the Axion-Photon Coupling Constant from Helioseismic Solar Models
Volume: 479, Progress in Physics of the Sun and Stars
Page: 453
Authors: Maeda, K.; Shibahashi, H.
Abstract: With the aim of setting a constraint on the physics of the axion, we constructed a series of solar models constrained by the helioseismically determined sound-speed, taking account of the axion physics and treating the axion-photon coupling constant, gaγγ, as a parameter. The larger the coupling constant, the higher the energy-loss from the interior of the Sun due to axions; hence the higher the nuclear energy generation rate required and, in turn, the higher the neutrino production rate. By comparing observed neutrino fluxes with model predictions, we ruled out a certain range of coupling constant values and obtained an upper limit of gaγγ< 2.5 ×10–10 GeV–1.
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