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Paper: Non-Perturbative Effect of Rotation on Dipolar Mixed-Modes in Red Giants
Volume: 479, Progress in Physics of the Sun and Stars
Page: 335
Authors: Ouazzani, R.-M.; Goupil, M.-J.; Dupret, M.-A.; Marques, J. P.
Abstract: The space missions CoRoT (Convection Rotation and Planetary Transits) and Kepler provide high quality data that allows the transport of angular momentum in stars to be investigated by the seismic determination of the internal rotation profile. In a former study (Ouazzani et al. 2013b) we test the validity of seismic diagnostics for red giant rotation that are based on a perturbative method. Our aim here is to investigate oscillation spectra when that validity no longer holds. We use a non-perturbative approach implemented in the Adiabatic Code of Oscillations including Rotation (ACOR code) (Ouazzani et al. 2012) that accounts for the effect of rotation on pulsations, and solves the pulsation eigen-problem directly for dipolar oscillation modes. We find that above a certain value of the ratio between the core rotation and the period separation between consecutive dipolar modes, each family of modes with different azimuthal symmetry (m) has to be considered separately. For red giants with rapidly rotating cores, we propose a new seismic diagnostic for rotation: the differences between the period spacings associated with each m-family of modes.
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