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Paper: Angular Momentum Transport by Internal Waves in Stellar Interiors
Volume: 479, Progress in Physics of the Sun and Stars
Page: 295
Authors: Mathis, S.; Alvan, L.
Abstract: Internal gravity waves are excited in stellar interiors thanks to turbulent convective regions, to opacity bumps, and to tides when there is a close stellar or planetary companion. Then, they propagate in stably stratified stellar radiation zones where they are able to deposit/extract angular momentum by damping processes and corotation resonances. This modifies the rotational evolution as well as the internal mixing in stars. In this review, we will present the state of the art for modeling such transport mechanisms with a peculiar focus on the most recent advances taking into account the influence of rotation and magnetic fields on internal waves. Next, we will discuss consequences for stars' dynamical evolution and what can be learnt from stellar seismology.
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