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Paper: Decoding the Rich Pulsation Spectrum of EC 14012–1446
Volume: 479, Progress in Physics of the Sun and Stars
Page: 251
Authors: Bischoff-Kim, A.
Abstract: EC 14012–1446 is a ZZ Ceti star (DAV) that was the object of a Whole Earth Telescope run in 2008. The extended coverage run provided a detailed and well resolved period spectrum for the star, confirming and revealing twenty independent modes of vibration, including one triplet and a few more incomplete triplets. With a large number of modes (for pulsating white dwarfs) and good clues for some of the mode identifications from independent methods, EC 14012–1446 is a good candidate for “fast” asteroseismology, where we try to infer interior structure based on a minimal set of assumptions about stellar evolution. The method also allows some numerical experiments that test the validity of asteroseismic techniques used on white dwarfs. Here we experiment with using modified Echelle diagrams on the pulsation spectrum of EC 14012–1446 to aid mode identification.
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