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Paper: Line-profile Variations of the Primary of the Epsilon Aurigae Eclipsing Binary System
Volume: 479, Progress in Physics of the Sun and Stars
Page: 203
Authors: Kambe, E.; Sadakane, K.; Hashimoto, O.; Honda, S.; Sato, B.
Abstract: In order to unravel the physical status of the enigmatic epsilon Aurigae eclipsing binary system, we have been monitoring line-profile variations (lpv) of its primary component covering the latest two-year long eclipse which started in Aug 2009. In this short paper, we firstly show that features of lpv are quite different from line to line; some are dominantly affected by the occulting disk while others are only affected by the photospheric variations of the primary. Preliminary period analysis of the lpv in photospheric lines like Fe I λ 5615 indicates that they have multiple periodicities, as in photometry. We also discuss the excitation of nonradial pulsations in the primary, as a possible explanation of the dominant 65-day period.
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