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Paper: Measuring Reliable Surface Rotation Rates from mbox{Kepler} Photometric Observations
Volume: 479, Progress in Physics of the Sun and Stars
Page: 129
Authors: García, R. A.; Ceillier, T.; Mathur, S.; Salabert, D.
Abstract: High-quality time series provided by space instrumentation such as CoRoT (Convection Rotation and Planetary Transits) and Kepler, allow us to measure modulations in light curves due to changes in the surfaces of stars related to rotation and activity. Therefore, we are able to infer the surface, and possibly differential, rotation rates. However, instrumental perturbations can also produce artificial modulations in light curves that would mimic those of truly stellar origin. In this work we will concentrate on Kepler observations in order to review an optimal way of extracting reliable surface rotation rates.
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