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Paper: Spectroscopic Mode Identification in γ Doradus Stars
Volume: 479, Progress in Physics of the Sun and Stars
Page: 105
Authors: Pollard, K. R.; Brunsden, E. J.; Cottrell, P. L.; Davie, M. W.; Greenwood, A.; Kilmartin, P. M.
Abstract: I outline the observational programme we are undertaking at the Mt John University Observatory in New Zealand to obtain long time-base high-resolution spectra of selected γ Doradus, and related, stars. We have investigated various methods to successfully analyse these observations to obtain reliable mode-identifications in order to constrain the theoretical models of γ Dor stars. In particular we are looking at the way g-modes differ from p-mode pulsations in the mode-identification methods and the effects of rotation in these stars.
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