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Paper: Where to go from here: The Future of Helio- and Astero-seismology
Volume: 478, Fifty Years of Seismology of the Sun and Stars
Page: 401
Authors: Hill, F.; Baldner, C. S.; García, R. A.; Roth, M.; Schunker, H.
Abstract: While this conference is partly a look back over 50 years of helioseismology, we also look forward into the future. Upcoming paths of research in the near-term include understanding the effects due to strong surface magnetic fields, including mode conversion, in the solar atmosphere and how they affect subsurface inferences; the place of the Sun in the asteroseismic universe, and the relationship of subsurface dynamics and solar activity as forecast tools for space weather. These paths will motivate new technical approaches of multi-height/multi-wavelength solar observations; numerical models of wave propagation in magnetized plasmas; further understanding of systematic errors; and combined analyses of vector magnetic field measurements and helioseismic data. The next major programmatic steps will be the advent of multi-viewpoint solar space missions, and the development of a new multi-purpose solar synoptic observing network on the ground. For asteroseismology, the PLATO mission and the ground-based SONG program will provide a wealth of new data.
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