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Paper: The Chemical Composition Dependence of Stellar Envelope Convection and Overshoot
Volume: 478, Fifty Years of Seismology of the Sun and Stars
Page: 377
Authors: Tanner, J. D.; Basu, S.; Demarque, P.
Abstract: Using a grid of 3D hydrodynamic simulations in the outer layers of convection, we examine how properties of convection and overshoot are affected by the heavy element and helium abundance. We find that simulations with high-Z or low-Y exhibit larger mean and turbulent velocities throughout the superadiabatic region; they also have more overshoot than the low-Z or high-Y ones. Using the turbulent velocity field from simulations, we also find that helium-induced changes to the atmospheric dynamics results in different absolute Doppler shifts of weak spectral lines.
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