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Paper: Helioseismic Implications of Mode Conversion
Volume: 478, Fifty Years of Seismology of the Sun and Stars
Page: 263
Authors: Moradi, H.; Cally, P. S.
Abstract: The Sun leaks waves through its active regions. The leakage of acoustic waves into the atmosphere through these ‘magnetoacoustic portals’ is well known, but magnetic (fast) waves also enter the atmosphere there. Fast waves ultimately reflect because of the increase in Alfvén speed with height, but when they do so they can partially convert to Alfvén waves. The weakened fast waves then re-enter the interior, to rejoin the seismic p-mode field. But how has the Alfvénic loss they suffered affected the seismology? We present results from simulations that compare Alfvénic losses with travel-time shifts, and draw general conclusions about the role of active region atmospheres in local helioseismology.
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