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Paper: Preliminary Time-Distance Inversion Tests of Realistic Quiet Sun and Sunspot Simulation Data
Volume: 478, Fifty Years of Seismology of the Sun and Stars
Page: 251
Authors: DeGrave, K.; Jackiewicz, J.
Abstract: In this study, linear time-distance helioseismic inversions are tested using two 98.304 × 98.304 × 18.432 Mm realistic magnetohydrodynamic solar simulations – one containing a sunspot and the other a quiet Sun domain — to recover flows and validate current time-distance methods. We find that horizontal (vx, vy) inversion flow maps correlate equally well with the quiet Sun simulation down to a depth of 3 Mm for both ridge and phase-speed filtered data. In the case of the sunspot simulation, inversions using phase-speed filtered data show fairly good flow correlation only within 1 Mm of the surface, while inversions using ridge filtered data appear slightly better, exhibiting a reasonable correlation down to 3 Mm. In all cases, however, the RMS velocities recovered from the inversions severely underestimated those of the simulations, possibly indicating nonlinearity. Lastly, we find that inversions for the vertical velocity component, vz, using phase-speed filtered data significantly outperform the ridge filter inversions in the upper 3 Mm of both simulation domains.
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