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Paper: Role of AGN in ULIRG Phase of Dusty Mergers since z ∼ 3
Volume: 477, Galaxy Mergers in an Evolving Universe
Page: 303
Authors: Lin, M.-Y.; Hashimoto, Y.; Foucaud, S.
Abstract: It is widely accepted that the most infrared luminous galaxies are mainly mergers in action, triggering star-formation while being embedded in dust. However merging can also encourage the supermassive black hole growth. In this work, we study the X-ray properties and infrared SED of 70μm selected galaxies at redshift 0<z<3 from COSMOS field, in order to investigate the influence of AGN component in the ULIRG phase. From LX–LIR correlation and SED fitting we demonstrate that galaxies selected according to our criterion have a larger AGN influence. On the other hand, hardness ratio and temperature of host galaxy imply there is no observed influence between AGN and cold dust of host galaxy.
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