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Paper: 3D Kinematics of a z1.3 Lensed Clumpy Galaxy
Volume: 477, Galaxy Mergers in an Evolving Universe
Page: 301
Authors: Lemoine-Busserolle, M.; Sánchez, S. F.; Kissler-Patig, M.; Pelló, R.; Bunker, A.; Kneib, J.-P.
Abstract: The study of the physical properties of high-redshift galaxies has become one of the major goals of extragalactic astronomy. In particular the mass-assembly histories of galaxies have been the focus of many studies at redshifts 1 to 3. The study of lensed galaxies allows to probe a low mass regime of galaxies not accessible in standard observation. Indeed, the natural magnification due to massive galaxy clusters allows to spatially resolve and constrain the dynamics of young star forming galaxies 1 to 3 magnitudes fainter than those selected in blank fields. In the purpose of probing the dynamics of intermediate and high-redshift galaxies, we have designed a research program to carry out a near-infrared spectroscopic follow up of spatially resolved distant galaxies. Here, we present the results of the 3D kinematics of a z1.3 “clumpy” galaxy discovered as an arc behind the lens cluster Abell 370 (z = 0.374) observed with SINFONI/VLT.
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