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Paper: Properties of galaxies in groups up to z=2 from the UKIDSS Ultra-Deep Survey
Volume: 477, Galaxy Mergers in an Evolving Universe
Page: 287
Authors: Hsiao, H.; Foucaud, S.; Jian, H.-Y.; Lin, L.; Lo, C.-M.; Wang, W.-H.
Abstract: Observing and detecting groups at high redshift is extremely challenging, especially for the redder systems, involving passive galaxies. The current generation of optically-selected surveys are biased against the passive population in pairs and groups, leading to an underestimation of their role in the galaxy evolution. Making the best use of the worldwide release of the near-infrared data UKIDSS-UDS DR5, combined with Subaru and CFHT data in the optical waveband, and Spitzer-IRAC mid-infrared data, we coupled photometric redshift with a probabilistic Friends-of-Friends algorithm to build a groups catalog up to redshift z=2. Here we will discuss preliminary results on our selection of groups up to z=2, including the description of the method and some early results on the evolution of the red fraction.
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