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Paper: Environment of Submillimeter Galaxies
Volume: 477, Galaxy Mergers in an Evolving Universe
Page: 283
Authors: Hou, K.-c.; Chen, L.-w.
Abstract: To study the environment of high-redshift star-forming galaxies — submillimeter galaxies (SMGs) — and their role during large-scale structure formation, we have estimated the galaxy number density fluctuations around SMGs, and analyzed their cross correlation functions with Lyman alpha emitters (LAEs), and optical-selected galaxies with photometric redshift in the COSMOS and ECDFS fields. Only a marginal cross-correlation between SMGs and optical-selected galaxies at most redshifts intervals is found in our results, except a relatively strong correlation detected in the cases of AzTEC-detected SMGs with galaxies at z ∼2.6 and 3.6. The density fluctuations around SMGs with redshift estimated show most SMGs located in a high-density region. There is no correlation signal between LAEs and SMGs, and the galaxy density fluctuations indicate a slightly anti-correlation on a scale smaller than 2 Mpc. Furthermore, we also investigate the density fluctuations of passive and starforming galaxies selected by optical and near infrared colors at similar redshift around SMGs. Finally the implication from our results to the interconnection between high-redshift galaxy populations is discussed.
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