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Paper: FIR/Submm Properties of Galaxies in HATLAS-SDP Field
Volume: 477, Galaxy Mergers in an Evolving Universe
Page: 251
Authors: Wu, H.; Lam, M. I.; Zhu, Y.
Abstract: Using new infrared facility Hershel Space Observatory data, we construct a FIR/Submm sample of galaxies matched by SDSS-DR7 in HATLAS-SDP field. The morphological classification show a large number of galaxies belong to peculiar types, and they present higher FIR/Submm luminosity-to-mass ratios. We analyze the correlations between FIR/submm and Hα luminosities of star-forming galaxies and find that the scatters and correlation coefficients of the fitting change obviously from 100μm to 500μm, indicating that the submillimeter bands are not good star formation tracers for these galaxies.
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