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Paper: WiFeS and GOALS: An IFS Study Of Shocks and More In Nearby U/LIRGS
Volume: 477, Galaxy Mergers in an Evolving Universe
Page: 231
Authors: Rich, J. A.; Kewley, L. J.; Dopita, M. A.
Abstract: We present the newest results from our IFS survey of nearby U/LIRGs from the GOALS sample. Our data come from the WiFeS instrument on the ANU 2.3m at Siding Spring Observatory, an instrument well suited for resolved spectroscopy of large, nearby sources. Our work has revealed extended LINER-like emission caused by radiative shocks in many of our merging systems. These shocks can arise from multiple sources and in the various conditions found in U/LIRG environments, such as intense nuclear starbursts and merger-induced gas flows. Widespread radiative shocks can affect the interpretation of spectroscopic data as well as provide a source of feedback during a galaxy's evolution.
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