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Paper: Shaping Galaxies:Internal Structure of the z∼2 Galaxy Population
Volume: 477, Galaxy Mergers in an Evolving Universe
Page: 199
Authors: Chang, Y.; van der Wel, A.; Rix, H.-W.; Wuyts, S.; Zibetti, S.; Ramkumar, B.; Holden, B.
Abstract: We use high-resolution VLT/HAWK-I and HST/WFC3 imaging to study the structural evolution of early-type galaxies since z∼2. Mass-selected samples are drawn from pre-existing photometric redshift surveys, which are then separated into actively star-forming and passive galaxies. The (projected) axis-ratio distributions are compared with those of lower redshift samples, and we reconstruct intrinsic axis-ratio distributions by assuming that galaxies are simple, axi-symmetric systems. We find that at all redshifts z<∼2 more massive galaxies are rounder. That is, at all epochs stars are predominantly formed in disk-like systems, whereas early-type galaxies are more bulge dominated, especially at higher masses.
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