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Paper: Keck IFU Observations of Mrk 273
Volume: 477, Galaxy Mergers in an Evolving Universe
Page: 69
Authors: U, V.; Medling, A.; Sanders, D.; Max, C.
Abstract: The late-stage merger Mrk 273 has been known to host a powerful AGN from its X-ray and mid-infrared spectroscopic signature. However, the exact location of the AGN and the nature of its nucleus remain uncertain due to the lack of available high-resolution data until now. We present infrared integral-field spectra of the nuclear region of Mrk 273 taken with OSIRIS on the Keck II Telescope with laser guide star adaptive optics. We have analyzed the molecular and ionized gas emission lines and derived their kinematics in two spatially-resolved components. These results shed light on the AGN-starburst nature and the physical conditions of the nuclear gas, lending support to the potential scenario of dual AGN in this system.
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