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Paper: A Simple Continuity Approach to Galaxy Evolution
Volume: 477, Galaxy Mergers in an Evolving Universe
Page: 11
Authors: Lilly, S. J.; Peng, Y.; Renzini, A.; Carollo, C. M.
Abstract: We describe the outlines of a new phenomenological approach to the evolving galaxy population. This is based on identifying the underlying simplicities, or symmetries, that are exhibited by the galaxy population over a wide range of epochs, and then exploring the consequences of these analytically, via the continuity equations, to both reproduce the key features of the evolving galaxy population and to identify the empirical characteristics of the dominant physical processes. This approach is very successful, e.g. in reproducing the SDSS mass function(s) of galaxies. Merging enters into the picture in a number of ways, and our approach gives new constraints and insights into (a) the increase of stelar mass of passive galaxies after they are quenched, (b) the destruction of galaxies as they merge into others, (c) the possible role of merging as a quenching channel, and (d) the likelihood of widespread merging at very early epochs.
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