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Paper: The Initial Mass Function in the Outskirts of M83
Volume: 477, Galaxy Mergers in an Evolving Universe
Page: 3
Authors: Koda, J.; Yagi, M.; Boissier, S.; Gil de Paz, A.; Imanishi, M.; Meyer, J. D.; Madore, B. F.; Thilker, D. A.
Abstract: Our new Subaru Hα observations enable the first complete census of very young stellar clusters over the extended ultraviolet (XUV) disk of M83. Combining Subaru and GALEX data with a stellar population synthesis model, we find that the standard Salpeter IMF and a simple aging effect explain the counts of FUV-bright and Hα-bright clusters with masses >103☉. We assumed instantaneous cluster formation and a constant cluster formation rate over the XUV disk. The Subaru Prime Focus Camera (Suprime-Cam) covers a large area even outside the XUV disk — far beyond the detection limit of the HI gas. This enables us to statistically separate the stellar clusters in the disk from background contamination.
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