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Paper: Application Interoperability with SAMP
Volume: 475, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXII
Page: 395
Authors: Fitzpatrick, M.; Laurino, O.; Paioro, L.; Taylor, M. B.
Abstract: The Simple Applications Messaging Protocol (SAMP) is a Virtual Observatory (VO) specification that enables astronomy software tools to exchange control information and data, allowing desktop applications to work as an integrated suite of tools rather than requiring complex functionality to be (redundantly) built into tools individually. In addition, SAMP allows new workflows to be created for the science user that leverages the advantages of each tool (e.g. visualization of tables or images, analysis, etc.), greatly reducing the time needed to switch between applications and tasks. We present here a short introduction to the protocol itself, a survey of some toolkits for application authors who wish to introduce SAMP functionality into their tools, and some examples of real-world usage.
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