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Paper: Migrating an In-Operation Space Observatory Data Processing Chain Towards a SOA Oriented Architecture, and the Benefits for Other Space Missions
Volume: 475, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXII
Page: 361
Authors: Perez, O.; Vallejo, J. C.; Perez, R. F.
Abstract: The XMM-Newton Science Control System is currently under a migration exercise aiming to preserve the processing functionality up to the end of the mission, but also to enhance the user accessibility to the different processing and monitoring subsystems. This migration exercise is also providing new insights into how different architectures can help to support other space missions with large demands on processing and storage needs. Service Oriented Architectures and Cloud have also been used in EO missions with results of high interest in storage and processing. In this paper, a prototyping activity is described to face storage and processing in the case of XMM-Newton having in mind its application to other missions with similar needs.
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