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Paper: FRIAA: A FRamework for Web-based Interactive Astronomy Analysis using AMQP Messaging
Volume: 475, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXII
Page: 337
Authors: Young, M. D.; Gopu, A.; Hayashi, S.; Cox, J. A.
Abstract: This paper describes a web-based FRamework for Interactive Astronomy Analysis (FRIAA) being developed as part of the One Degree Imager - Pipeline, Portal, and Archive (ODI-PPA) Science Gateway. The framework provides astronomers with the ability to invoke data processing modules including IRAF and SExtractor on large data within their ODI-PPA web account without requiring them to download the data or to access remote compute resources. Currently available functionality includes contour plots, point source detection and photometry, surface photometry, and catalog source matching. The web browser front-end developed using the Zend PHP platform and the Bootstrap library makes Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) to the back-end modules using AMQP based messaging. The compute-intensive data processing codes are executed on powerful and dedicated nodes on a compute cluster at Indiana University.
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