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Paper: Introducing the Ginga FITS Viewer and Toolkit
Volume: 475, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXII
Page: 319
Authors: Jeschke, E.; Inagaki, T.; Kackley, R.
Abstract: We introduce Ginga, a new open-source FITS viewer and toolkit based on Python astronomical packages such as pyfits, numpy, scipy, matplotlib, and pywcs. For developers, we present a set of Python classes for viewing FITS files under the modern Gtk and Qt widget sets and a more full-featured viewer that has a plugin architecture. We further describe how plugins can be written to extend the viewer with many different capabilities. The software may be of interest to software developers who are looking for a solution for integrating FITS visualization into their Python programs and end users interested in a new and different FITS viewer that is not based on Tcl/Tk widget technology. The software has been released under a BSD license.
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