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Paper: Using Firefly Tools to Enhance Archive Web Pages
Volume: 475, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXII
Page: 315
Authors: Roby, W.; Wu, X.; Ly, L.; Goldina, T.
Abstract: Astronomy web developers are looking for fast and powerful HTML 5/AJAX tools to enhance their web archives. We are exploring ways to make this easier for the developer. How could you have a full FITS visualizer or a Web 2.0 table that supports paging, sorting, and filtering in your web page in 10 minutes? Can it be done without even installing any software or maintaining a server? Firefly is a powerful, configurable system for building web-based user interfaces to access astronomy science archives. It has been in production for the past three years. Recently, we have made some of the advanced components available through very simple JavaScript calls. This allows a web developer, without any significant knowledge of Firefly, to have FITS visualizers, advanced table display, and spectrum plots on their web pages with minimal learning curve. Because we use cross-site JSONP, installing a server is not necessary. Web sites that use these tools can be created in minutes. Firefly was created in IRSA, the NASA/IPAC Infrared Science Archive ( We are using Firefly to serve many projects including Spitzer, Planck, WISE, PTF, LSST and others.
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