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Paper: astrojs: JavaScript Libraries for Astronomy
Volume: 475, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXII
Page: 299
Authors: Kapadia, A.; Smith, A.
Abstract: Astronomers mainly use the web for data retrieval. To create visualizations and conduct analyses requires installation of many external packages, often creating a difficult task for the astronomer. An ideal situation would move many of the common tasks to a browser - a homogenous solution for data access, visualization, and analyses in one application. As part of an effort to build research tools around core citizen science experiences, the Zooniverse is building science grade tools for handling astronomical data. As the browser is Zooniverse's medium, JavaScript - the only client-side programming language - becomes ever more relevant for feature-rich web applications. The technology industry is investing large development time in improving JavaScript engines resulting in performance gains that exceed other scripting languages. The science community could benefit from this investment by migrating development of desktop applications to web applications. Similar to the astropy initiative, ASTROJS is providing a consolidation of JavaScript libraries for in-browser client-side astronomical data visualization and analyses.
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