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Paper: Cross-Identification of Astronomical Catalogs on Multiple GPUs
Volume: 475, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXII
Page: 235
Authors: Lee, M. A.; Budavári, T.
Abstract: One of the most fundamental problems in observational astronomy is the cross-identification of sources. Observations are made in different wavelengths, at different times, and from different locations and instruments, resulting in a large set of independent observations. The scientific outcome is often limited by our ability to quickly perform meaningful associations between detections. The matching, however, is difficult scientifically, statistically, as well as computationally. The former two require detailed physical modeling and advanced probabilistic concepts; the latter is due to the large volumes of data and the problem's combinatorial nature. In order to tackle the computational challenge and to prepare for future surveys, whose measurements will be exponentially increasing in size past the scale of feasible CPU-based solutions, we developed a new implementation which addresses the issue by performing the associations on multiple Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). Our implementation utilizes up to 6 GPUs in combination with the Thrust library to achieve an over 40x speed up verses the previous best implementation running on a multi-CPU SQL Server.
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