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Paper: TAPVizieR: A New Way to Access the VizieR Database
Volume: 475, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXII
Page: 227
Authors: Landais, G.; Ochsenbein, F.; Simon, A.
Abstract: VizieR is a component of the Virtual Observatory: it provides tables of catalogs to external software with VO standards like the VOTable output. Accessing VizieR with the ADQL/TAP standard represents a new milestone in the VizieR access facilities. The PostgreSQL engine has been chosen to store data: it provides a solid database containing utilities to manage SQL or to create the customized HEALPix indexing “H3C” which permits fast access from sky coordinates. The TAP standard however was not designed to accommodate databases managing tens of thousands of tables like VizieR, and some compromises with the TAP standard were necessary in this first version of TAPVizieR.
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