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Paper: Online Data Reduction and Quicklook Tool for HAWC
Volume: 475, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXII
Page: 193
Authors: Berthoud, M. G.
Abstract: The High-resolution Airborne Wide-band Camera (HAWC) is the facility far-infrared imager for SOFIA, the Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy. For best science return during SOFIA flights, rapid inspection of reduced data is crucial. To optimize this process, we have developed a web-based data viewing and analysis tool that allows astronomers to rapidly access reduced files. This web viewer works in conjunction with the automatic data reduction pipeline: As soon as the instrument closes a raw data file, the automatic pipeline reduces the file and the reduced FITS files are copied to the on-board web server. Linked to the experimenter's network, scientists and engineers can call up the web viewer on their browser to analyze all data products from the current flight's observations. The web viewer pages are generated by a Python script, with client-side operations in JavaScript. The software architecture is highly modular, so various parts can be reconfigured or used in other projects. The HAWC automatic pipeline and the web viewer were used during our last instrument tests in the spring of 2012. These tools significantly improved the efficiency of lab operations. We expect similar gains when using HAWC during flight operations on SOFIA. An online demo of the HAWC web viewer is available at
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