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Paper: VisIVO: A Web-Based, Workflow-Enabled Gateway for Astrophysical Visualization
Volume: 475, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXII
Page: 109
Authors: Costa, A.; Bandieramonte, M.; Becciani, U.; Krokos, M.; Massimino, P.; Petta, C.; Pistagna, C.; Riggi, S.; Sciacca, E.; Vitello, F.
Abstract: We present a web-based and workflow-enabled framework called VisIVO Gateway that allows integration of large-scale multidimensional datasets together with applications for visualization and exploration on Distributed Computing Infrastructures (DCIs). Our framework is implemented through a workflow-enabled portal wrapped around WS-PGRADE which is the grid User Support Environment (gUSE) portal. We provide customized interfaces for creating, invoking, monitoring and also modifying scientific workflows. All technical complexities, e.g. related to visualization algorithms and DCI configurations, are conveniently hidden from view. A number of workflows are enabled by default, e.g. implementing local or remote uploading and creation of scientific movies. Scientific movies are useful not only to scientists for presenting their research results, but also to museums and science centers for engaging visitors with complex scientific concepts. Our gateway can be accessed via standard www interfaces but also through a newly developed iOS mobile application offering novel ways for sharing analysis and exploration experiences with large-scale datasets in collaborative environments.
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