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Paper: Delivering Astronomy Software with Minimal user Maintenance
Volume: 475, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXII
Page: 95
Authors: Fabbro, S.; Goliath, S.
Abstract: We present an approach to deliver astronomy processing software using virtualization and a network file system. User-requested astronomy software applications are built and tested on a dedicated server, and distributed on-demand to cloud-based worker clients using a fast HTTP read-only cache file system. The worker clients are light virtual machines which keep overheads to processing resources very small, while still ensuring the portability of all software applications. The goal is to limit the need for astronomers to carry out software maintenance tasks and to keep consistency between batch processing and interactive analysis sessions. We describe the design and infrastructure of the system, the software building process on the server, and show an application with a multi-frame automated transient detection on a wide field survey, with a batch processing on a cloud infrastructure.
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