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Paper: GPU-based Acceleration of Radio Interferometry Point Source Visibility Calculations in the MeqTrees Framework
Volume: 475, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXII
Page: 53
Authors: Baxter, R. J.; Marais, P.; Kuttel, M. M.
Abstract: Modern radio interferometer arrays are powerful tools for obtaining high resolution, low frequency images of objects in deep space. An inverse Fourier transform of a model sky-intensity map will produce the corresponding Point Source Visibilities: the raw output of an interferometer. Simulated visibilities can be used to test models of factors affecting the accuracy of observed data, such as radio frequency interference. We describe a GPU/CUDA implementation of the Point Source Visibility calculation module within the MeqTrees software suite. For a large numbers of sources, we achieve an 18× speed-up over the existing CPU module, with the parallel component running up to 120× faster. With modifications to the MeqTrees memory management system to incorporate GPU memory operations, a speed-up of 24× is achievable.
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