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Paper: Improvement of Time-Series Photometry Based on Multi-Aperture Indexing and Spatiotemporal De-trending
Volume: 475, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXII
Page: 41
Authors: Chang, S.-W.; Byun, Y.-I.
Abstract: High precision time-series photometry is often very difficult with ground-based surveys with large fields of view. Occasional failures of photometry due to contamination, non-uniform cloud passages, and subtle PSF variations across the field are the major causes. We developed a new photometry algorithm based on multi-aperture measurements and indexed aperture correction followed by a spatio-temporal de-trending process. This turns out to be a powerful method to improve overall photometric accuracy without the need to throw out many outlying data points. The performance of our new method is demonstrated with MMT survey of M37 and HAT-South survey data. The de-trending alone is also a very useful tool in removing systematics from light curves, as we demonstrate with a subset of light curves from the LINEAR database. Our method removes serious systematic variations that are shared by light curves of nearby stars, while true variabilities are preserved. This greatly improves the usefulness of archived light curve data.
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