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Paper: Data Flow Design for Event Detection and Qualification in TES X-Ray Detectors
Volume: 475, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXII
Page: 25
Authors: Ceballos, M. T.; Cobo, B.; Fraga-Encinas, R.; van der Kuur, J.; Schuurmans, J.; Gottardi, L.
Abstract: The current and forthcoming research lines in X-ray astronomy will require unprecedented spectral resolution with imaging capabilities. The most promising detectors able to provide these capabilities are the calorimeters based on Transition Edge Sensor (TES) technologies, like the one that has been under development for the proposed ATHENA x-ray space mission. We present here the Data Flow designed for one of such instruments covering the detection algorithms to extract the x-ray events (photons) from the noisy signal (as well as to cope with a possible pile-up), the event qualification (event grade) according to the event arrival time and proximity to other events, and finally the filtering process applied to these pulses to get their energy content, and thus the astronomical source spectrum. This development is currently part of a collaboration between IFCA (Spain) and SRON (NL) institutes, as part of a larger project initiated in 2005 and named EURECA (de Korte et al. 2009) involving many other institutes in Europe and the USA. This project was created to design the TES prototype proposed for the XEUS/IXO/ATHENA ESA missions.
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