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Paper: Hi-Res Spectroscopy of a Volume-Limited Hipparcos Sample within 100 parsec
Volume: 352, New Horizons in Astronomy: Frank N. Bash Symposium 2005
Page: 257
Authors: Lim, P.L; Holtzman, J.A.; Smith, V.V.; Cunha, K.
Abstract: Accurate parallaxes from the Hipparcos catalog have enabled detailed studies of stellar properties. Subgiants are of particular interest because they lie in an area where isochrones are well separated, enabling dependable age determination. We have initiated a project to obtain hi-res spectra of Hipparcos subgiants in a volume-limited sample within 100 pc. We obtain stellar properties and abundances via a fully automatic analysis. We will use our results to constrain star formation history and chemical evolution in the solar neighborhood. We present initial results for our observed sample and discuss future development for this project.
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